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Rounded Edge

The Story

It was Dec 2004, I had just recieved an email that would change the course of life. Well at least to this present moment. I had just recieved my application to join YWAM York. Since the summer I had been asking God where I should go after doing my BA in Theology.

I have a small family, My gradfather had moved to Canada from England when he was a young man. It was kind of funny that I was feeling God calling me to the UK. Quite possibly my roots were calling me to England. Though I think there was much more to it.

I'm one of those people who has a lot of ideas and can be a bit all over the place. However, the email I recieved to aply to York started a process of sheer focus and determination to follow where God was leading me.

Sept. 2005 Myself a young man now traced my gradfathers steps back to England.

I joined a team that I have no other way of explaing than to say God had prepared this team for me.

I had done my DTS in Maui in 2000 and during the lecture phase God had given me to distinct vision. The first was an apply tree dropping its apples or carried on the wind and new trees growing up where they landed. The second is harder to explain, but you know in movies where they traces calls and you see a line on a map going from location to location. Like that, but each location would send out new lines and new locations where added until that first line had created a matrix of networks.

During the orientation to YWAM York I to my shock found out that Carl, then the base leader, had almost an identical vision to my own that he was working out in York. Though he had created a sweet as image to explain his vision.

During this orientation We had a girl come to York with a heart to start YWAM Leeds. As she was talking about her heart for Leeds I felt God very clearly say, in my head, you need to be on this team. She never came and I was left feeling called to Leeds but it was only me so I decided that God wanted me to start YWAM Leeds.

I served YWAM York for 4 years. I'm grateful for every moment that I was there, even the moments all I could think about was my escape plan. I met my wife in York and one of our current team members.

In 2009 Beth and I left the comfort of York. We moved to Harehills. We had a three bedroom back to back terrace house that had been previous let out to refugees. The letting adgent told us that he wouldn't live in the house and that we should look at other options. It was a great little starting house but boy was it horribly cold.

With no internet, no friends, and very few connection we started working towards our offical launch. We had series of misfortunes and a few miracles that led to an amazing launch. Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM, the founder of YWAM, atttended sharing incredible stories of what God was doing across the nations and ended the night with a blessing.

This is where YWAM Leeds began but this is not where the story will end. There is many stories still to be told. Will you be apart of the?

The Vision

We want to create a place in Leeds where everyone is welcome. Everyone is important and has something to share. We believe that our stories, and the stories of those we meet have the power to change the world. We want to help people grab a hold of life for everything its worth and then to take that life and share it with others, until the whole world is experiencing life the way it should be lived.

We focus on arts because it is the soul of mankind and when we are creative something in us comes alive. No matter what shape of form creativity comes in.

We fight against injustices in the world and we realize we have a lot to learn. But we have decided that the standards and expectation of one group of people should not lower the standards or abuse the rest of the world.

How Does That Work?

We want to get to know our communtiy, listen to it, and care for it. Out of that we would like to create and get involved with grass-root projects in our local area.

We want to create a creative community that mentors people both in skills and character.

We want to campaign, protest and work towards the right of individuals in areas of human trafficking, child soldiers, etc

We want to have workshops, exhibitions and art that chalenges people to the beauty and value God's creation and kingdom.